A Short Look in Apple’s Logo History

Everyone has seen the current metalic logo of Apple and the recent retro rainbow Apple, but not many people know of the logo before. It is a very interesting logo that not many people know about (Full picture after break). It features a very smart man.  Sir Isaac Newton to be exact.  Yep, that guy that thought up the Three Laws of Motion.  He is featured under an apple tree where there seems to be a halo effect around the apple.  This is supposed to be the depiction of when he was thinking about his Universal Law of Gravitation, and now after throwing all that info at you, you may still be wondering why you may not have heard of it.  Well this was probably because it was only their logo for one year before being replaced by the retro rainbow apple.  After all that, here it is, the original Apple logo.  And finally, could you imagine seeing that on the back of your latest iDevice?(Doctored up picture of iPad after break)

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