How do you Surf?

As I have recently changed browsers from Safari and Firefox to Opera I thought of an interesting question.  How do you surf the web, and are there certain reasons why you think that browser is better than others?  I recently changed for a few reasons.  First, Opera has absolutely no security holes(At this time).  Secondly, it has widgets, similar to Firefox add-ons, and some other reasons I changed over  were because of the UI (User interface) and the iPhone app they now have for the iPhone.  Leave a comment about which browser you use and why.

3 thoughts on “How do you Surf?

  1. My favorite is a tie between Firefox and Chrome. I like the ability to install add-ons without restarting in chrome. IE is pretty much gone, and safari sometimes runs slowly. I’m currently playing with the new Opera beta and it seems pretty good.

  2. I use Safari on Mac and on my Windows (I run windows using Boot Camp), I use Google Chrome. I’m actually thinking of switching from Safari to Chrome on Mac.

  3. For most of my use I use Safari. I actually swtiched and Google Chrome in it’s earlier stages and found that some websites had difficulty loading. But, now I’m back to Safari. Let me know about your experiences with Google Chrome, if you choose to switch.

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