How To: Back Up Your Mac Using Time Machine

Are you worried about backing up your personal information to an online website. If you are like me and do not want to back up your personal information to an online site, then using Time Machine is the next best option. This is because you use an external hard drive to back up your information. Start by connecting an external hard drive that is large enough to store all the information on your computer or more. If this is the first time you have connected this hard drive to your Mac then a pop up will apear asking if you would like to use this as a backup location. If that does not appear, go into System Preferences, click on the Time Machine Pane, then on Select Disk, and choose the external hard drive. Make sure to check the box to Encrypt Backup Disk. Then Time Machine will automatically backup. Time Machine will automatically keep hourly, daily, and monthly backups depending on how much storage is in the backup drive. When you want to manually backup your computer select Back Up Now in the Time Machine menu. Also when you first backup your computer it will take a lot longer then when you back up your after.

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Ever wished for a Time Capsule?

What is Time Capsule? Picture yourself in a situation where you are constantly worried that your computer will lose important files. You will constantly want to back up your computer to make sure you have your files. What if that can become a lot more convenient? That’s where the Time Capsule comes in handy. The Time Capsule provides constant, automatic protection. Time Capsule includes a wireless 1TB or 2TB hard drive designed to work with Time Machine on select Mac models that run Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Leopard. After your initial back up, of course wirelessly, the Time Capsule, in the background, will continue to automatically back up changed files. Even if you have multiple Mac computers, all of them can be backed up by the Time Capsule. Time Capsule is an AirPort Extreme Base Station with 802.11n technology. The Time Capsule acts as a wireless internet router and provides simultaneous dual-band operation. There is also a guest networking feature to provide guests with internet but keeps your devices secure. If you are a MobileMe member, you can access your Time Capsule wherever you have access to the internet. Mac OS X Tiger, Windows XP, and Windows Vista users can still use Time Capsule as a wireless hard drive.

Time Capsule is both a hard drive for backing up your computer and a wireless router. It is very convenient and useful. The compact size helps you save space. Automatic back up for your Mac is very suitable for those who need to constantly back up their computers but don’t want to take the time to back it up each and every time. What do you think?

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