How To: Find an iPad 2 Nearest You!

How do you find an iPad 2? There are many different ways. You can stand in line in front of an Apple Store and hope that they have some in stock, you can order one online at the Apple Online Store, or you can look for resellers and hope they have some available. iPad 2 delays have made it very difficult to get your hands on an iPad 2. There is also some good news. The shipping times for the Apple Online Store have dropped to “Ships: 1-2 weeks”. That is a big improvement from the “Ships: 4-5 weeks”. You can also use the iPad2 Scanner. The iPad2 Scanner can help you find an iPad 2 at a Target store. It is fairly straight forward. Just put your zip code, pick your desired model, and click Scan. It should come up with a list of Target stores nearby and will tell you if the iPad 2 you selected is available. I would still recommend ordering your iPad 2 online because it only takes 1-2 weeks to ship and the shipping is free. You also get to engrave your iPad 2 for free, so I think it is a better bargain. Good luck on your search for an iPad 2!

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How To: Buy an iPad 2

On March 2, 2011, Apple introduced the iPad 2. We all know that it will be lighter and thinner and all those other features such as cameras for FaceTime and Photo Booth, but what we don’t know, is how to buy an iPad 2. The iPad 2 is going to be released on March 11, 2011. As far as you can tell by looking at the Apple website, it says it will be starting at $499. You also have to worry about the fact that you can’t pre-order it and you will have to deal with tons of other people fighting to buy an iPad 2 once it come out. So how should you deal with this? First of all, figure out where you can buy it. You can buy it at the Apple Store, the Apple Online Store, Best Buy, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Target. The Apple Store will definitely have long lines. I think the Apple Online Store would be the best bet because you won’t have to wait in lines or get through crowds. You will have to wait for it to arrive because it ships on the day it is released, but it is the easiest way to get it. Patience is definitely required for the Apple Online Store method. Best Buy will have some on sale, but the amount is unknown. You will have to hope they have some in stock by the time you get there. Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Target are also the same story as Best Buy. They will have some available, but how much is unknown. AT&T and Verizon will also have 3G iPad 2 models available on March 11.

My recommendation is to just order it on the Apple Online Store. You just need to be patient. People who are patient always get rewarded. People will also try to sell it on sites such as Ebay, but don’t bother because they will just raised the price.

Now let’s go over the models and the prices. The iPad 2 with Wi-Fi will come in three models and two colors each. The prices are as follows:

16 GB = $499.00
32 GB = $599.00
64 GB = $699.00

The iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G will come in three models and two colors each, but will be sold by two separate providers, AT&T and Verizon, at the same prices. The prices are as follows:
16 GB = $629.00
32 GB = $729.00
64 GB = $829.00

That is about it for the rundown of the iPad 2. Good luck buying one. Leave questions and comments!

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