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What is Photostream

Photo stream is a great way to privately share your photos with friends from computer to computer and iPhone to iPhone. The way photo stream works is by wirelessly sending photos to designated devices using iCloud. Before we get started on using photo stream make sure you have all of the requirements: IOS 6.0 or later on all iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches, iPhoto 9.4, and an iCloud account. Now getting started is very simple, go into Settings (System Preferences) > iCloud > select photo steam On. For personal photo syncing, remember to use the same iCloud account for all devices that way everything will sync up (for example when you take a photo with your iPhone it will sync to your computer). To get shared photo streams on your iPhone start by going into Photos > Photo Stream > + > send to a friend’s email > Create. After the shared photo stream is setup, putting pictures in is the next step. Start by clicking on Edit > Add > then select desired photos. One great feature shared photo stream has is being able to like and comment on photos. All in all, photo stream is great because you are able to share photos privately without having to put it on a social networking site.


Spark: The Social News Network

photoSpark is working to make strides to revolutionize the consumption of news. The new app allows users to share and read articles posted by friends from sources such as The New York Times and Spark’s aesthetically pleasing interface takes a minimalist approach allowing the user to focus on the content and easily navigate through the application.

This application divides articles into timelines (home, spark, fire) promoting articles within the network of users followed as well as trending articles. Users are encouraged to post intriguing articles, the more likes and comments brings the possibility of an article to catch “Fire” on the Fire timeline.  Overall, Spark offers an intuitive user interface and personalized news. Download Spark on the App Store today!

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