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Fastest SD Cards

Most people don’t think to much about buying SD Cards and just buy a cheap one with a lot of memory. I have to disagree because there are many different factors to buying a SD Card such as speed, and from all of the research that I have done it always leads to the website newegg which lists things like speed as “Class 1,2,3,…” and features. Some SD Cards that I have found fast are the SanDisk 8Gb Extreme III, or the Kingston Class 10, but these can be pricy. Remember you can buy these things from or Amazon. Also, note to make sure what kind of SD Card you need to buy like a Micro SD or a Secure Digital SD Card.

What do you think? How does your SD Card work for you? Leave a comment below and let us know.


The new Mac mini

What makes a Mac mini? Well, the Mac mini starts with a sleek aluminum design. The Mac mini features an all-new, 1.4-inch-thin aluminum enclosure called the unibody. It is a seamless enclosure carved from a single, solid block of aluminum. The Mac mini has a built in power supply, so it takes up less space. It also has a removable bottom panel to make it easy to upgrade your memory. The Mac mini is also very quiet and the fan works well and efficiently. The Mac mini also features the HDMI port and Mini DisplayPort. A built-in SD card slot helps you transfer videos and photos from your camera. The slot-loading SuperDrive is used for playing DVDs and CDs. The Mac mini has unlimited possibilities. Just plug in a mouse, keyboard, and display and you are all set. The Mac mini uses the NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics and speedy DDR3 memory. It runs 2x faster than the previous Mac mini. The latest 802.11n wireless technology is built in and it also has Bluetooth wireless technology built in.

The Mac mini comes with everything necessary for email, browsing the internet, calendars, contacts, etc. It uses Mac OS X Snow Leopard. iPhoto organizes your photos by the people in the photos. iMovie helps you make movies with ease. GarageBand can give you instructions on how to play an instrument. Since the Mac mini runs Mac OS X Snow Leopard, it isn’t susceptible to PC viruses and is already secure and up to date on security. The Mac mini is also more sustainable by being more energy efficient and free of toxins such as PVC and BFRs.

The Mac mini may look small, but it has so many different features and programs. You can do so much with something so small and it is very compact so it uses less space. It is very convenient that it is secure from PC viruses and other security threats. The Mac mini also comes with tons of features straight out of the box. The Mac mini is also very durable and light. What do you think?

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