Chrome Better Than Safari

When I first heard about Google Chrome a while back all I would hear is that it was better. I would ask people why and they would just say that it was better. So I decided to switch over from Safari to Chrome and I was pleasantly surprised. It was better, faster, cooler, and easier to use. So to help you I am going to convert you from a Safari user to a Chrome user by giving you my top four reasons to why you should switch.


Speed that was the first thing that I noticed with Chrome was that it opened faster than Safari. Not just that, but websites would load faster too from using the Google DNS servers. Also you can have the same amount of tabs open and have it load faster with Chrome than Safari. If you try Chrome you will see what I mean.

Syncing Bookmarks

For those of you who have a work computer and a home computer this is a great tool to use. It allows you to sync your bookmarks from one computer to another. So instead of having to manually copy your bookmarks from one computer to the other you can just sync your computer. You do this by going to Preferences, then to Personal Stuff, click on Set Up Sync, and login to your Google Account.


This was a very nice addition by Chrome, which is partly what set it apart from Safari. Chrome will allow you to choose from themes created by artists or generic themes that Google made. To do this you must go into Preferences, then to Personal Stuff, and go to the bottom where it says Get Themes. Having themes might not have any practical reasons, but being able to customize Chrome is just nice to have because you can customize it to your own style.

One Search Bar

For all of you people out there using Safari you might think that you like having a Google Search Bar and a Web Address Bar, but trust me once you get use to having one search bar you will never want to go back. It is great because it is a two in one search bar. For example you can type in “the real mac genius” on Chrome and it will search it in Google for you or you can type in “” and it will bring you to our website. I can assure you after a week that you will be hooked on this.

Switching Over

Switching over is a breeze with Chrome because you can transfer your bookmarks from Safari to Chrome by clicking on Chrome and scrolling down to Import Bookmarks and Settings. Then to make everything else similar to your old Safari all you would have to do is go into Preferences under Chrome and switch things like what you want your main search engine to be or your homepage. Its obvious that Chrome is better because of its speed, syncing bookmarks, customization, and sweet search bar. Plus if you use it and don’t like it you can just delete it.

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