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Keyboard shortcuts for the Mac Genius!

Most of us know about shortcuts. If you have ever copied something by clicking the Command button and the C button, you know that shortcuts can be a very quick and efficient way of working. You should take advantage of the different shortcuts incorporated into OS X to make things a lot easier for yourself. Some shortcuts seem to be more important than others. There are some shortcuts that are more commonly used, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the most important. I will talk about my top 3 shortcuts.

One shortcut that is very convenient is the Command-Delete shortcut. This shortcut allows you to automatically send whatever items you have selected to the Trash. This is helpful especially when you are prone to accidentally dropping whatever you have selected elsewhere instead of the Trash. That is actually something I do quite frequently, so the Command-Delete shortcut is really useful.

My second top shortcut is the Option-Command-Esc shortcut. If you’re familiar with Windows, you will recognize that this shortcut will bring up the force-quit window, which is very similar to the Task Manager. On Windows, you would click Control-Alt-Delete whenever you needed to end a program. As I am very accustomed to Windows, this shortcut is easy for me to get used to and depend on.

My third top shortcut is Control-Option-Command-Eject. This shortcut results in shutting down your computer. Most people shut off their computers off when they are done using it for awhile, so this shortcut can be used frequently.

Those are my top three shortcuts. That doesn’t mean I don’t use other shortcuts. There are many other shortcuts that are very helpful. They can range from being as simple as two buttons, or it could be much more. Whatever the shortcut, it is meant for your convenience, so take advantage of it. If you have any questions or comments, leave it below and we’ll get back to it as soon as possible. What are your top keyboard shortcuts for OS X?

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