Big games coming to small devices, technology is great!

Look at that game on Xbox! What amazing graphics and detail it has. Look at that game on the iTouch, is that even a head? These big game designers have been a hit on the Xbox, PS3, or Wii, but how about the iPods? Need for Speed has been one of the hottest racing games in the App. Store. I have Need for Speed Shift and let me just say, it is quite stunning. I love playing the game because it is very exciting and suspenseful. For quite some times, I thought that these five dollar games weren’t worth it. I thought what the upside can be to these five dollar games compared to the .99 cent ones. The first ever high end game I ever bought was Home Run 3D, I have never looked back on the game. The 3D affect on the game lets me know why I paid a little bit more to get this game. The graphics were literally stunning and you get more out of your money, usually you would read the reviews before you buy a five dollar game compared to a .99 cent game. I know for a fact that the .99 cent games are really addicting, but you don’t get the full advantage of the game. Sure it comes with levels here and there, but with a three to five dollar game, you get so much more. Take Street Fighter 4, what an incredible game. It comes with many characters and you get the ability to play head to head with your friend. Street Fighter is surely one of those games that you have to have the money willing to spend it on, but once you do, man will it blow you away. I got addicted to that game the minute I bought. The only reason I have to stop playing is to do homework and once I’m done, right back to the game.

I’m not necessarily saying don’t buy the .99 cent games, I’m just saying, you get so much more out of the five dollar games. Sure many will say the graphics aren’t as good as the Xbox or PS3, but take a look at the difference in size and resolution. Many players with an Xbox will be playing with an HDMI cable with an HD T.V. Let alone you are also playing with a game that takes up about 9 GB of your memory compared to 100-300 MB. What can you really expect between the graphics of the two devices? One is handheld and the other is made for large T.V. screens. They also take a longer time to load and once you load it, your amusement is already gone. I believe that the designers of these games have done a really good job in promoting and making the game the best they can. It is not easy to bring such a big profile game from the T.V. screen to a handheld device. You have to be precise in order to get the dimensions correct and I applaud the developers for making my boring days fun. I can’t wait to be able to buy another new game from a high profile game designer.