iPhone and iPad Expand in Enterprise Market

What’s better then beating the Android phones? Apple certainly has dominated the Smartphone industry and crushed their opponent’s. Apple’s name itself can beat any other company, but the iPhone’s haven’t had the best reviews written about them in a while. Many critics give harsh  reviews about the iPhone, but when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter about the critics. The critics don’t sell the phone itself and there are millions of more customers then a couple of reviewers. Apple knows how to market the iPhone better then the Android people do, that’s the bottom line. You think I’m lying? Take a look at these charts:

Apple has certainly dominated the industry with the variety f the iPhone’s and iPad’s. One of the main reasons that Apple continues to dominate is that it continues to make many different forms of the iPhone and iPad. The iPad 2 just came out; it took less then a year for a new iPad to come out. That is a remarkable feat by Apple. Another good reason is that AT&T dropped the iPhone 3GS to just $49. That is pretty cheap for an iPhone that still has many capabilities. The iPhone will continue to grow rapidly and honestly, I’m not sure there is a competitor that can beat the iPhone out right. I see Apple having a long time success with the iPhone’s. What do you think? Drop a comment below and let us know.


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How to: Enable iPad Orientation Lock Switch 4.3


What if one of the most anticipated features for the iPad 2 was a small switch? The small switch is on the new iOS 4.3 which re-enables the iPad orientation lock switch, which was temporarily turned into a mute switch in a previous iOS update. In the newest iPad update, it now lets you choose whether to have the side switch function as a rotation lock or as a mute button. Here are the steps to switch between the rotation lock and mute.


  • Tap on “Settings”
  • Scroll to and tap on “General”
  • Scroll down and look for “Use Side Switch to:” and tap on “Lock Rotation”
  • Exit settings by clicking the home button and you are done


In this picture, you can tell that we have switched the rotation lock on instead of the mute button:




If you’re wondering to why anybody would care about this, here’s some background information. Apple changed the rotation lock to be a software feature in the previous iOS. This caused the mute button to turn into the side switch. Many people were actually mad at this because it use to be very convenient to just turn the lock on without any hassle. Apple listened to the people and gave us the choice to turn the side switch into a rotation lock or mute button. How nice of Apple to make this change, if you think this is useful, let us know. Drop a comment and tell us if this affects you or if you think this matters at all.