Apple Increases PC Marketshare with iPad

iPad mini
Apple’s iPad mini

According to a report released by the research firm Canalys on February 6th, one in six PCs shipped in Q4 2012 was an iPad. iPads make up a third of worldwide PC shipments in Q4 2012. The worldwide PC shipments also increased to 134 million units, a 12% year-to-year increase.

Apple, like before, continued to lead the PC market, shipping 27 million units and holding a 20% share of the PC market. Apple is followed by HP, which shipped 15 million PCs and took an 11% share of the PC market. Lenovo also shipped about 15 million PCs and also took an 11% share as well. Samsung shipped 11.7 million PCs and took a 9% share. Dell is in fifth place, shipping only 9.7 million PCs. Dell is declining but the potential buyout may change things.

Apple showed strong demand for the iPad mini, but Apple’s pad share dipped to 49% in Q4. Amazon’s worldwide pad shipments grew 18% to 4.6 million along with Samsung’s shipment increasing 226% to 7.6 million pads. With Amazon and Samsung’s increase in popularity, 46% of the pad share is Android-based pads.

With Android increasing it’s tablet market share, Apple has more to worry about in terms of competitors. Nonetheless, Apple’s iPad mini has helped Apple remain competitive and not lose its popularity in the tablet market.

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Competition Among Pads

Tablet computer “pads,” that is. Yes, other tech giants, along with some start-ups, are once again following Apple in an attempt to gain a portion of the market that Apple created.  The WeePad, JooJoo Tablet, and HP Slate are among the competitors that announced or released tablet computers within the past month.

Clearly, there is a pretty good market for tablet computers, as Apple announced Monday news that it has sold 1 million iPads in the first month!  But will other companies be able to capture the same appeal that Apple has with the iPad?

Analysts think not.  The International Data Corporation says that “Anybody can make a tablet. I could go to Taiwan, hire a contract manufacturer, and make ‘Bob’s tablet,’ but the hard part is doing the software and getting the applications.”  If any company CAN do that though, it would be HP.

Though it is perhaps possible for HP to take some of the market away from Apple, in the long run I don’t think it will make much of a difference for Apple.  All of these other companies are followers. But the leader remains the leader.