Okay, this whole “gate” thing is getting out of control.

Seems like any time there’s a “scandal” with Apple, the journalists and pundits want to give it a title with some edge to it. So they harken back to the 1970’s political scandal of Watergate. The antenna doesn’t work quite right on the iPhone 4 when it first comes out, so what does everyone call it? Antennagate. Glass screens breaking or cracking? Glassgate. Apple allegedly tracking your whereabouts? Locationgate.

I’m not against people criticizing Apple. Far from it. I mean, who could possibly side with the “hockey puck” mouse design for the early iMacs? But if people are going to try coining terms, then they should at least be a little more creative.

They could try using 1940’s film noir titles for inspiration. “The Big Grip” sounds much edgier than antennagate. Heck, I’d even settle for riffs of 1950’s b-movie sci-fi titles, such as “They Watch Where You Go” instead of locationgate. But you get the idea.

So let’s stop using “gate” as a suffix. It’s not hip. It’s just annoying.

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