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The Basics and More: Terminal



            Terminal to most people seems very complex, but there are ways that the average Joe can have fun on it too.  Simple commands like “man” which is used as a manual are easy to do. The basic way to type something in on Terminal is by typing your command and after it if there is further typing needed like if you use the command “man”  just press the spacebar once and type in what you want Terminal to explain to you.



  • Touch

            Using the command Touch may seem hard at first, but once you do it for a while it will become easier. To start, open terminal and type in “cd Desktop/” and press enter (Desktop/ can be interchangeable depending on where you want your file), doing this allows you to change directories so that you can choose the destination of where you want your file. After that type in “ls” to list all of the items on your desktop. Then type “touch (name of your file)” and it will automatically make a Text Edit file or if you want you can make a folder by typing in “mkdir (name of your folder)” and selecting Enter. For files if you want to write in them all that you have to do is type in “vim (name of your file)” and select Enter. Then you can start writing, but first select “a” on your keyboard. After you are done writing click “esc” and you should not be able to type anymore, and from there type in a “:wq.” The “w” in the command is to save it and the “q” is to quit it.


  • Man

            This command is very easy and helps you out because it is a Terminal manual. The way to use this command is to type “man” then a space and after that type in the command you want to learn about like “ls” or “cd.”



Obviously, Terminal is great for anyone. It can be very simple or complex depending on how you use it. Also, it can make you more productivewith commands like touch that allow you to write files in Terminal not to mention the many other Terminal commands.


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