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The Basics and More: Stickies


The application Stickies is the simplest application on the Mac making it great for making reminders or lists. One of the basic use of stickies is changing colors, this is done by going to the top Menu Bar and selecting Color then scroll down and select the color you would like, or another thing Stickies allows you to do is make it transparent by going to Note on the top Menu Bar and then scrolling down to Translucent Window. To change fonts hit the keys Command + T then different fonts and colors will appear. To get a new stickie select Command + N and to delete a stickie select Command + W. One cool feature of Stickies is that it has speech enabled by selecting the desired stickie note and going to Edit in the top Menu Bar scrolling down to Speech and then selecting Start Speech. Clearly, Stickies is an application meant for simple everyday lists and reminders with special color-coding that you can use to organize as well as nice add-ons like Speech.

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