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Mountain Lion’s New Notification Center

A great new feature that comes with Mountain Lion is the Notification Center. I know this may seem just like every other application Apple adds to a new OSX, but even so this application can keep you turning in your papers on time. First of all, there are three ways to access the Notification Center. The first way to do this is simply by going to the top right of your computer and clicking on the three sideways bars. The second way is with a gesture, the gesture is a two finger swipe from the right edge of your trackpad to the center. The last way to open your Notification Center, for those of you not using a trackpad, is by  using a keyboard shortcut. To activate this go into System Preferences, then click on the Keyboard pane, from there goto the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, and under Mission Control select Show Notification Center. The Key next to Show Notification Center is the keyboard shortcut. And for when you are feeling lazy, to pause all of your notifications scroll down when in the Notification Center and flip the switch to Off. One of my favorite things to use the Notification Center for is Tweeting. To set this up simply goto Twitter on Safari and after you sign in, it will ask if you want to allow access of your account to other applications. Once this is setup go into the Notification Center and a Twitter button will apear. Finally, the decision of what applications need to be notifying you. Start in the Notification Center and scroll down to the bottom right and select the gears icon. From there you can choose from a multitude of applications allowing them to notify you with a banner or alert or nothing at all. Thanks to Apple, I can be as productive as possible. Well at least for now.

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