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How To: Customize Your Finder Window

You might be asking yourself why would I want to customize my Finder Window. Well customizing your Finder Window will help with navigating through files faster. There are multiple ways to customize your Finder Window. The first way is to go to the Menu Bar in the top Left, click on Finder, scroll down to Preferences, and select it. From there go into Sidebar and you can pick what menu items you want to show up in your Sidebar. The next way to edit your toolbar is by right clicking on the toolbar. From there you can choose from hiding icons to customizing all of the buttons on your toolbar. If you select Customize Toolbar… a new screen will pop up and you can drag new icons into open spots, move icons in different spots, or remove icons by dragging it off the screen. Another handy tip is that you can drag any file, document, application, ect.. into an open toolbar space, it will leave an icon in that spot and if it is clicked on it will open the file or application.

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