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How to: Change Your Modifier Keys


Changing your modifier keys to your own preference is very easy and helpful, especially for PC users that have recently switched over to a Mac. To change the Alt, Command, and Control button so that it mimics a PCs is very simple. First, open System Preferences, then select Keyboards, and press on Modifier Keys. A smaller screen will come down and from there you can select the pull down menu on Caps Lock, Control, Option, and Command to change what keys do what. Note that you can change each one of the previously listed keys and so that it acts like one of the other modifier keys. For example, if you wanted to change the Caps Lock action to another key you can make it so that when you select the Command key it acts like the Caps Lock key instead. To do this you select the pull down screen next to Caps Lock Key and select the key that you want to perform the Caps Lock action on, but for this to work properly you will also need to make sure that none of the Actions have the same key or it will not work. Another great thing to do is disable the Caps Lock key by selecting No Action in the pull down screen. The Modifier Keys are great for people who switched from PCs to Macs or for people who just don’t want there Caps Lock on.


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