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How to: Facetime

FaceTime is a video chatting application that you can use from iPhone to iPhone or computer to iPhone. To even start your FaceTiming journey you need to make sure that you have an Apple account ready, which can be the same one that you use for iTunes or the App Store. After that you will have to verify your account and to do this they will send you an email and then you will need to select the link they give you and log in. Then once you are logged in all of your contacts from Adress Book will show up on the right side. FaceTime will automatically know what phones can and cannot video chat. It will do this when you call someone on FaceTime and if the call ends quickly then they are not FaceTime compatible, but if it keeps calling then they are FaceTime compatible. It is clear that FaceTime was made to further expand social networking to allow people without FaceTime enabled phones to talk to people with FaceTime enabled phones.


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