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The Basics and More: Photo Booth


Basic Use:

Photo booth is an easy and fun app to use if you are having a party or hanging out with friends. To take a photo or movie all that you have to do is select the red button in the middle of the screen and a count down timer will apear. If you want to switch from photos to movies just go to the very left where you can choose from these options and another one where you can take four pictures in a row. If you want effects select the Effects button on the right hand side and scroll through the many affects they give you. Photos and movie shots taken will apear on the bottom.


If you have OSX Lion then you already know that you can make your applications full screen including Photo Booth by going to the top right hand corner of the window and clicking on the expand button. In doing this it takes you to a new screen and Photo Booth will be enlarged. Also, if you are looking for more Photo Booth Effects then you can look around on Google for sites that have what you want.


Photo Booth is a great way to have fun with friends because it is quick and easy. There is not very much to Photo Booth, but it’s simplicity keeps it user friendly to everyone.

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