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The Basics and More: App Store


The App Store is similar to the iPhone App Store with a similar layout to the iTunes Store. Making it very familiar and user friendly. The App Store has a really great selection for anyone, from games to Adobe Photoshop. One thing to realize is that the App Store is still fairly new and there are not very many apps.

How to Use

The App Store is a very simple app in which you should be able to find out how to navigate through it by yourself, but I still want to guide you through the basics just incase. To navigate through just select from the options in the top menu bar and to download the app just select the button that says the price or Free. To sign into you account you can either buy something and the sign in screen will pop up or you can select Store in the very top menu next to Edit and scroll down to Sign In.


Clearly the App Store is a great way to find a great collection of software and games all in the same place. With one downfalls being that there is a small selection of apps.


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