iPad 2 Supply Catches Demand

Apple has finally caught up with the iPad 2 demand. Apple’s iPad 2 shipping times have decreased to the standard 1-3 days. When the iPad 2 first launched in April, in a matter of days the shipping times quickly rose to 2-3 weeks. At one point, it even reached 4-5 weeks. When Apple first sold the iPad 2, it sold so fast that Apple was selling every single iPad 2 they could make. The iPad 2 sold like hotcakes because of it’s many upgrades. It is lighter, faster, thinner, has a camera on the front and back, why wouldn’t you buy the iPad2?

One of the many reasons why Apple may have caught up to the demand is that the demand may be decreasing. The iPad 2 has been out for several months now and many customers are waiting for the iPad 3. Apple is clearly trying to push the iPad 2 in order to make room for the iPad 3. Apple will clearly be able to keep up with the supply and demand for the iPad 2. As soon as the iPad 3 comes out, we will be having the same talk. Will Apple be able to keep up with the supply and demand? Do you think so? Leave us a comment and we will get back to you.

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