Apple is a Religion

Is Apple really a religion? Well it certainly is followed by millions of people in this world. Almost every person in this world knows about Apple and Steve Jobs. I certainly understand how Apple can be a religion because people go crazy when a new product or an Apple store is opened. According to neuroscientists, Apple could possibly be a religion. They compared MRIs of Apple fans’ brains to those of people who would call themselves rather religious. They found that Apple and religion light up the same part of the brain. Call me crazy, but isn’t that just spectacular? Apple being a religion would definitely draw criticism, but everyone has a way to express themselves. This also means that Apple triggers the same feelings and reaction in people as religion. In a documentary on BBC, Secrets of Superbands, the documentary also likens Apple stores to cathedrals. Renee Oricchio said that “Apple stores often feature stone or other types of austere, simple flooring like a church with products mounted on pedestals like individual altars.” When Apple launches a new store, the whole place goes crazy. The workers are high fiving the hundred of new customers. It is definitely a crazy idea, but it is also an idea that can come true. It seems Steve Jobs really is a God to some people in this world.


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I do consider myself an Apple Evangelist who spreads the Good News to the unbelievers out there. Can’t convert them all and can coexist but my faith can not be shaken by the naysayers out there.

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