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Part Two Traveling with the iPad: Accessories

For Part Two of Traveling with the iPad I am going to show five great first-class accessories to bring with you on an international or domestic flight. These accessories will help keep you comfortable on the plane and get you to go through security fast. In the next post I will write about five economical accessories that could replace these accessories.

The five first-class options are more expensive, but well worth it. The first product is DODOcase for iPad and it cost about $60. It is very handy and protective of the iPad which makes it great for traveling. Next the Tumi Alpha T-Pass Small Screen Expandable Laptop Brief for $275 and the Electric Adapter that comes with a case for $50. The Tumi briefcase is great because it can be used for everyday use and for travel. It also has a feature that allows you to unzip the back of the briefcase and your computer will be in a safe cushion that is allowed to go through security check point scanners with out having to take your computer all the way out. Note the size of the bag for the size of your computer. Now for the Tumi adapter. The adapter is a little bulky, but it is very convenient, instead of having to carry a big box with a whole bunch of little clip ons you just have one whole piece. The way it works is that one end is where you plug in your end of your cord and the other end has a bunch of different converters, so all that you have to do is push out the one you need from the side. More over, for headphones I would recommend the Bowser’s and Wilkins P5 for $300. They are very comfortable to wear especially on a long flight. For the iPad keyboard you can get a great one from for $100. It is great and if you don’t want to buy the DODOcase this works as a case too. Obviously, these are some really great products, but like everything good it comes with a price.

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