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Part Three Traveling with the iPad: Economical Accessories

As promised I am going to give you five economical travel accessories for the iPad. These accessories are less expensive, but do not have the same quality put into them as the products in the previous article. Not to say that they are not good because they are great products.

The first item is a case and I have selected the Incase Origami Sleeve. This is a great product because it is protective of the iPad and you can fold the sleeve up to make a stand for your iPad! This catch will only cost you $35. The next item up to replace the Tumi bag is the Golla G366 backpack. This backpack has many pockets perfect for fitting anything you want a a very protective spot to put a computer or iPad for only $90. Up next is the PortaPro by Koss. Like it’s name it is very portable and easy to carry making this perfect for international travel for $50. Very nice and reasonably priced is the iPad Keyboard Dock by Apple for $73. At first glance the Kensington adapter looks like the Tumi Adapter but no its about $30 less and its still great. This is clearly a great choice in these hard economical times to replace more expensive items.

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