iPad 2.0, believe it’s here already?

A new generation full of surprises is coming to a new destination. The iPad was a hit and many people bought into the idea of a large screen with the capability of an iTouch and many more uses. The iPad can be used for many things such as reading a book without having to squint at a small screen, watching HD movies at your hand, and many more uses that don’t come with an iTouch. Everybody has wondered, when is the new iPad coming out? The so called iPad 2 has been swirling around the cult of the Apple world and rumors have been approaching us. Rumors have said that the iPad is to come in April, but then again, many did say it was suppose to come in December 2010 or January 2011. Neither of these two dates seems true because there has been no huge rumor that makes this true. The new iPad will come with cameras, CDMA, and a faster CPU. It will also be thinner and lighter then the original iPad. If you want to buy an iPad now, I would advise you to hold off on doing so. The new iPad will come with better upgrades and it will be lighter to use. The display will also be a lot better compared to what the iPad has now.

Compare the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4. When you see the phones, the first thing you notice is the design. Then you click the home button, and BAM, the screen resolutions hit you like a hammer. The iPhone 4 makes the iPhone 3G look incredibly low. The iPhone 4’s screen resolution is startling and that is what the iPad 2 is supposed to improve on. The screen resolution may take up more battery life, but I wouldn’t mind giving up battery life for better movies and clearer images from my photo booth. I cannot promise you any price differences. Of course by the time the new iPad comes out, many new tablets will already be out on the market. Apple will need to compete with the price differences and maybe lower their prices a little bit. Rumors have said that the iPad may start at $450.00 but rumors are usually never true. The iPad first started off at $500.00 and the success it has had, it seems no reason for Apple to change the price. It all depends on the competitive market when the iPad comes out. Samsung and RIM have been on top of their game. Researchers have been very impressed by the RIM tablet and have said that it is capable of competing with the iPad. Who will win this race of tablets? Stay tuned to find out more.

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