16% of AT&T users willing to jump to Verizon. Good or Bad idea?

Finally, all the talk about Verizon getting the iPhone4 has come. The date is not set but it is true that it is coming to Verizon. Reports have said that it is coming out this month. Verizon will be thankful that the iPhone4 is finally coming to them. This means that Verizon will get many new customers because so many AT&T customers have complained about the call quality and such. Reports say that 16% of AT&T customers wouldn’t mind switching over to Verizon. The main reason is that Verizon has better 3G coverage, less dropped calls, and price. AT&T makes new customers pay for a certain amount of data. Instead of giving unlimited data, you have to pay a certain amount for a certain amount of data. Verizon still gives unlimited data but maybe AT&T will change that just to get customers back. Verizon has better 3G coverage even though AT&T has faster 3G. Also Verizon has less dropped calls, 2%, compare to AT&T’s 6% of dropped calls. AT&T is slowly improving on their dropped calls rate but it isn’t even close to Verizon’s. AT&T users have continually complained about the poor reception and dropped calls. Is it really AT&T’s fault because many reports have also said that the iPhone itself has poor signal and quality? Maybe you should think first about switching over.

I am currently with AT&T and I can’t say anything bad about it. I haven’t had that many dropped calls compared to many other people out there. There is a reason to why certain people get dropped calls more than others. It depends on where you are including the amount of people your around. Certainly when you’re in a large business meeting and everybody is on their phone, you will get a dropped call. Verizon has said that their network has enough power to hold all the new iPhone users. If more users switch over to Verizon, maybe AT&T will have less dropped calls because less people will be using less 3G. Look for Verizon to have more dropped calls. Anything can happen this late in the game and the challenge has definitely been thrown down. I personally do not think that it’s worth it to switch over to Verizon. It’s too much of a hassle and AT&T has proven itself to fix the problems that customers complain about. I say wait until more reports come out about Verizon’s iPhone and then make your decision.

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