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How to: Record Your Screen with a Mac

Do you ever wonder how people on YouTube make videos of their screen with no camera? Well it is super easy and you will not have to buy any software. First, you have to open QuickTime Player and scroll up to “File.” Then select “New Screen Recording” and select the red button when you are ready to record. Also you can change settings like quality and where to save your video on the drop down menu located on the bottom left of the recording screen. When you are done recording on the top right of the Menu Bar is a button that says “Stop Recording.” After that your new video should be saved in your “Movies” folder. This is a great and easy solution for screen recording when you want to show people how to do something on your computer.

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When I go to Quicktime Player and press file, it says “New Player”, “New Movie Recording”, and “New Audio Recording” but it doesn’t say “New Screen Recording.” Help please…

You must be at least running Mac OS X Snow Leopard, 10.6. To find out if you are running Snow Leopard on the top left click the Apple, then “About this Mac”.

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