What is Game Center?

Game Center lets people play games against other people. In multiplayer games, you can play against people from all around the world. The Game Center app lets you expand your social gaming network. You need at least iOS 4.1 for iPhone and iPod touch users and you need iOS 4.2 for iPad users. Just tap the Game Center app, log in with your Apple ID, and you are ready to play. You create a Game Center nickname to help friends find you easier and once you are logged into Game Center, you’re always connected unless you decide to log out. You can look at the list of games supported by Game Center and you can launch it directly from Game Center. You also have the option to click the button “Find Game Center Games”, which takes you directly to the App Store and it shows you a list of games supported by Game Center. You can also add friends and when they accept your friend request, they are added directly to your friends list. You can view your list of friends and see your friend’s status and last Game Center game played. You can also view the leaderboards and achievements of your friends and compare. Auto-match also helps you find your friends if they are also looking for an auto-match, otherwise it will set you up with someone else from around the world.

Game Center is a very useful app. You can prove to your friend that you are better at Fruit Ninja than they are. You can compare your achievements and see who the more superior gamer is. Games are much more fun when you play with others and Game Center makes that possible. Take advantage of Game Center and beat your friends. Don’t let them beat you!

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I am not interested in playing games with folks I do not know. I further do not think that when I open the apps screen for an update or looking for new apps THAT app is the only one that appears on the screen. As if thatbthe only one App that really counts.

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