It’s light, durable, fast, and thin? What is it? A Mac??

The new MacBook Air is proof of Apple’s advanced technology. Released on October 20, 2010, it is designed around all-flash storage for more reliability and faster speed. The MacBook Air features a trackpad with full Multi-Touch support. Even though it is extremely light, it has the battery power to last for hours on a single charge. The MacBook Air is Apple’s most mobile notebook ever. It is light, thin, durable, and performs quickly. The MacBook Air uses flash storage instead of a hard drive. Usually, the flash chips are enclosed in a hard drive sized enclosure, even though the flash chips themselves are very small. In the new MacBook Air, only the flash chips are put into the computer, leaving space for a bigger battery. Apple’s trackpad also provides the most optimal way to experience Multi-Touch on a notebook. The MacBook Air’s unibody enclosure is made from a single piece of aluminum, which makes it extremely light and durable. The new MacBook Air display is only 4.86 millimeters thin, but it features a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. The MacBook Air also has a FaceTime camera that is so thin you barely see it, but it is extremely high quality.

The new MacBook Air features the NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics processor with 48 processing cores. The graphics processor is more than two times faster than the previous MacBook Air. The new MacBook Air also features an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The new MacBook Air comes with Mac OS X Snow Leopard. The new MacBook Air comes with tons of applications right out of the box compared to PCs. Unlike PCs, Macs do not get Trojan horses, worms, or email viruses. That is a big step up compared to PCs, which are so vulnerable and susceptible to intruders and attack. In general, I think the MacBook Air is fast, efficient, sleek, and full of various features.

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