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Best Mac Setups: MacBook Pro and iMac

This week I am going to do something new, and instead of giving you my usual tip or trick I am going to show you some cool MacBook Pro and Mac setups.

Let’s get started talking about this first photo of the MacBook Pro setup. In this photo you see a 13-inch MacBook Pro being held up by a stand, an apple wireless keyboard, a 17-inch Samsung monitor mounted on the wall, speakers on the side, and a mouse. Some things that I like about this is how the screen is mounted on the wall and how much extra desk space that gives you. Something that would make this set up better would be if you mounted the speakers on the wall too, get a larger desk, and add a printer on an extra table.

This one might seem a lot better then the previous setup and I do agree. In this photo there are three Apple Cinema Displays, a Mac Pro, an iSight, speaker system, and a 13-inch MacBook. I don’t kno

w where to start so I will start with the triple action Cinema Display that gives you tons of room to multitask with, and on top of the third Cinema Display to the left i

s an iSight. Then there is an extra MacBook that comes in handy for travel. Also if you haven’t notice they have a very cool and comfortable looking chair to sit in. There isn’t very much that you need to change with this setup, but one thing that I would change would be to add a Powermat so that you can charge your phone and iPod with no messy wires.

What do you think? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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