Slide on causes cracking iPhones

iPhone’s are being cracked because of cases? Mainly the slide on cases is causing dirt to be trapped in between the phone and case causing it to scratch. The scratching can lead to cracking or shattering the iPhone’s glass. This is very suspicious because Apple has been giving out free bumpers to protect and try making the bad reception problem better. Why would a case lead to the problem of the iPhone cracking so easily? Is the iPhone that fragile that only bumpers or non slide on cases work with it? Apple will fix this problem quickly because this is actually a bigger problem then we realize. Personally I like the slide on cases. They provide easy access to taking the iPhone out of the case. Most slides on cases have very good designs too. Many people are probably not aware of this issue because it has just recently developed. Apple will figure out this issue soon because they have many teams that work and fix these issues quick. I hope that if a person’s screen has been cracked because of the case, they either get a new iPhone or at least a refund on the phone.


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