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Quick Look is a quick preview feature developed by Apple. It operates on the Mac OS X v10.5 “Leopard”. The Quick Look feature instantly let’s you preview your documents without ever having to open them. All it takes is a single click and your files are presented to you instantly. Quick Look works with almost every file including PDF documents, movies, Keynote presentations, Mail attachments, and Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Make the most of your Quick Look feature because it is just that handy. You can listen to songs, flick through movies, and more without even having to open up the document.

There are many features such as the index sheet, zooming and examining your trashed files. The index sheet feature allows you to look at many different windows without having to flick through them one by one. The previews of each file will shrink down to one grid, once you click on one window; it will automatically open up to full size. To zoom into different objects, you hold down the option key and a magnifying glass will appear. To zoom in and out, you use the scroll wheel on the mouse. To put a whole bunch of files into your trash is a complete hassle. Not only do you have to examine each one very closely, but once you trash them they are usually gone forever or you have to replace them back onto your desktop. Luckily Quick Look works with items in your trash so that you can quickly go thorough them to check if you deleted anything important.

Quick Look is actually very handy because it makes your life easier and less complicated. Quick Look makes your computer hassle free and finding documents are easier then ever. The time machine allows you to store your documents once you trashed them. When you go back to check the document, Quick Look is there to help you look at the file quickly and then restore it back onto your desktop. Quick Look doesn’t just look in the finder, but also your Mail and iChat. If you receive an email with a bunch of attachments, you can use Quick Look to put them all onto a grid and see the attachments all at once. Many people always need to find that one document that you saved many years ago. Quick Look helps you go through those hundreds of documents you saved quickly.

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