Google tells employees:’No more Windows’

Financial Times is reporting that Google will be phasing out of the internal use of Microsoft Windows. According to Google employees that the operating security concerns have lead to the demise of Windows in Google. The policy was created after Google’s Chinese operations were hacked at the begging of January.

Now new hires are given the option of Apple’s Macintosh or to lead the way open source with Linux and its multitude of flavors. Some at Google may be saddened by the news, but others were already headed towards the Mac for security concerns. Other rumors are circulating that Google will run its Chrome OS, but it may not happen soon.

Unlike other large companies, Google has let their employees choose the OS of their choice. Should companies ban Windows because of the security risks they cause? Has Windows proven to be more of a hassle than help? Will other companies begin to eliminate Windows, or are does Windows control critical services unavailable on the Mac?

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