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Facebook chat on iChat

This week I have a cool new trick for you that allows use of your Facebook chat in iChat. Using Facebook chat in iChat is neat and handy — especially since Facebook chat enjoys crashing.

To enable Facebook chat in iChat and click on iChat then “Preferences.” Then click on “Accounts” tab, after scroll down to the bottom and click the “+” which will let you create a new account. Choose “Jabber” from the drop-down menu and enter in your username and your Facebook password. You can find your username to use by going to and going to the bottom near “Connect your Client” and pick which application you would like to use Facebook chat on. The link will help provide the correct information needed to setup Facebook chat. Afterwards near the bottom of the of the Preferences while in account there should be an arrow next to “Service Options” and click the arrow. In the server box type: and insert: 5222 as the port number. DO NOT click on “Use SSL”

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