ChicBuds: DJ Sport Headphones

chicBuds: DJ Sport Headphones

Website: chicBuds

Price: $29.99

ChicBuds are an overall great value given its price point. You won’t break the bank buying a pair and you won’t break your heart if you lose them. The chicBuds sound quality are superb given the price. Additionally the padded earpieces make them comfortable to wear for long periods. I also appreciate having a pair of over the headphones to wear at home because wearing earbuds for a long time can become uncomfortable. Additionally, given my small ear size, the earbuds tend to pop out of my ears. ChicBuds are also available in great colors and as the name says they are very “chic”. The chicBuds earpieces themselves conveniently fold into the headset to create a more compact package for storing.

A downside of the chicBuds is that the material that the chicBuds use looks inexpensive, but you have to remember that the headphones are only $29.99. Also, the chicBuds earpieces are a bit small so they wind up resting on top of your ear and not around your ear.

Overall, chicBuds’ price point, comfort and style make it a good value. ChicBuds also has several different headphone and earbud lines — just as stylish and just as fun. For those interested in a little bling, chicBuds even makes earbuds encrusted with real Swarovski crystals. For those of you that are into basic black, you may be interested in RockBuds. Check out their website to see the full line of chicBuds.

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