Average Joe’s Biweekly Tips and Tricks

This week I have another tip for you on how to care for your MacBook.  This tip will help you take care of the annoying sharp edges on your MacBook. You will need a nail file, trash can, and your MacBook (Aluminum or Plastic) to try this tip out. The first step is to set your MacBook on the edge of a table so that the front (the side that you open) of the MacBook is sticking out. Then grab the file and lightly file the sharp edges of the MacBook away. You do not have to file very hard to get the MacBook smooth – just remember not to file the edge of the MacBook too much or you might end up ruining it. For easy clean up, remember to put a trash can under the MacBook edge so that the file shavings can go directly into the trash can. Via OSX Daily. There is another one about filling your MacBook Pro from a guys blog called One Man’s Blog.

Note: The Real Mac Genius.com is not responsible for any damage caused to your computer throughout this tip.

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