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Throughout my journey with my MacBook, one of my regrets is purchasing a white MacBook because it gets dirty so easily. My latest trick will help you clean your MacBook.

The first step is to get some toothpaste and a small damp towel.  A wash cloth size towel is the perfect size.  Also, make sure to use as little water on the towel as possible – just make it damp enough to clean the toothpaste off.  First, rub a small amount of toothpaste on the stains. Let the toothpaste dry. Then use your damp towel to wipe off the toothpaste from your MacBook. Be sure not to get any water from the towel on your computer – especially not in any crevices.  This is a quick clean up job and  shouldn’t take you to long to do.  Just  remember that this tip is only for a WHITE MacBook!

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Don’t forget to make sure it is NORMAL toothpaste, not a special whitening or plaque tooth paste, but just plain old regular toothpaste. You will get the best outcome with regular toothpaste than any other special kind.

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