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Average Joe’s Biweekly Tips and Tricks

Safari running sluggish on your Mac? Want to make your Safari browser load faster? Average Joe has the answers!

This week, I have two handy tips that I would like to share: how to make Safari run faster and how to make your Mac run faster.

One way to boost Safari’s speed is to empty your cache.

To empty your cache, navigate to the top bar and click on Safari. Then click on “Empty Cache….” Safari will automatically launch a new window. Because the cache is a file that stores data from all the previous websites you’ve visit, emptying it makes pages load quicker. So, the next time you visit websites, data loads faster.

Another good way to make your computer run faster is to verify your disk permission and repair disk permission.

In order to do this, fire up “Disk Utility” (Applications>Utilities) and select Macintosh HD (or name of your hard drive). Then, click “Verify and Repair Disk Permission.” Repairing permissions helps prevent errors from happening or fix the errors that already exist.

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