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Review: Things for Mac. Simple.

The moment Things launches, you can begin using it as if it were in your second nature.  Things is by far the most innovative and easy to use task application out there.  Perhaps the only con I found with this app is its price: At a whopping $49.99, many may be skeptical as to whether or not it is worth the price, but it is.

The simplicity within Things begins with adding new tasks and carries on consistently throughout the app from the blissful organization process to the effortless installation of updates.  With a click and a drag, you can move tasks from the “Today” list to the “Next” list, or from “Someday” to “Scheduled,” where you can make repeating tasks that will appear in your “Today” list when the due date nears. With Things, you can set long term goals or just daily reminders, and perhaps the best part, it automatically syncs with Things for iPhone so you have your complex yet simple planner with you wherever you go!  Not only has Things simplified my life, it has made organizing myself and completing daily tasks fun.

It’s no wonder I’m not the first one to praise Cultured Code for a job well done, as they have won several awards including Macworld Best of Show 2009.  I can’t wait to interview them at MacWorld 2010, so check back soon to find out more about the geniuses behind Things.

*To demonstrate the fantastic interface that keeps with the theme of Apple, I’ve uploaded a short video after the break.

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Senior Editor of the Real Mac, San Jose, CA.

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