OSx86 the “Hackintosh”

PC users have always used the reason of not being able to upgrade hardware in their computers against Apple. Since Intel has been used in Apple’s products this has started to change.

Even PCs can be elegant

Project OSx86 has been around a few years already but is finally starting to get viewed as a reason to make the switch to OSX. What it does is it allows for a PC with PC hardware to run OSX which was impossible since the switch to Intel chipsets. I myself am fairly low on knowledge about the subject but I have known about the Project since it was started in 2005. Our own team member Kyle actually has created his own. And, after this Summer I hope to build a Hackintosh as nice summer project. To build a hackintosh does not require hacked hardware but hacked software. This software is pretty much OSX with a few simple low level drivers called “kexts” or kernal extensions. Since Mac OSX is based off of Unix which is similar to Linux users can install and drivers into OSX. What this means is that now instead of having an $1100 Macbook with a 150GB hard drive, a Nvidia 9800, a 2ghz processor, and 2gbs of RAM that can barely play Call of Duty 4 at medium settings. You can have a computer that could run Crysis and GTAIV at High to Very High settings. Some disadvantages to making a Hackintosh is that it is not, necessarily, friendly. You will have to have basic knowledge about Computers and a good amount of knowledge about OSX works and Linux for a non-stressful installation.


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