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Are you ever reading an article online such as the New York Times and do not know the fancy words that they are using mean? Well, do I have a the trick for you. It works in Safari and Firefox and is extremely helpful, so you do not need to fire up the Dictionary application each time and search for the word.  I also wrote down a couple of other tips. Here’s how to do the tricks:

-When you are in finder and click on a file or app and press the space bar so you can bring up a preview.

-For when you are on Safari you can click control + command + D= and when you hover over a word the dictionary reference comes up

-Also for when you are in Safari you can click command + (- or +) and you can zoom in or out

-You can also change the color of your screen by clicking control + alt + command + 8= invert screen (changes color of your screen)

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