Windows Games on a Mac? Yes.

Ever wanted to play Grand Theft Auto, Mass Effect, Modern Warfare 2, Left 4 Dead, Counter Strike Source, Fallout 3 on your Mac?

You’re probably wondering. “Window’s games on MY Mac, in OSX? Impossible.” Well I hate to say it but you are wrong. Linux’s WINE is a piece of software that allows for Windows games to run on Linux. Why does this have anything to do with your Mac? Well a few years back the guy’s over at Transgaming created a piece of software called Cider. This allowed for commercial games to run on Mac’s natively (for example: The Sims 3, Spore, Battlefield 2142, Prince of Persia etc…), thus unofficial porting was born. Cider is what people call a “wrapper”. Simply put the Windows game files go into the you direct the wrapper to the game files and Voila the game should start up in all it’s Winblow’s glory.  Now it gets a little more complicated then that.  These Cider ports were difficult to find and the quality was lacking in some, so a few buddies of mine decided to start a place where these “porters” could get together and create a huge library of wrappers for different games. Thus the Porting Team was born. After a few months of many ports we found the Cider wrapper starting to lack. It didn’t have the compatibility of Linux’s Wine, but we had someone who could solve that problem. A member by the name of doh123 developed the CXSkin wrapper and the Wineskin wrapper. CXSkin was based off of Codeweavers Crossover and Wineskin was based off Wine.  This allowed for much better compatibility and newer games could be ported.  With these new wrappers The Porting Team grew and with 3000 members, over 1,000,000 hits, and hundreds of ports. the website has a lot of potential for itself .

So enough talk here is what you got to do

1. Go to and sign up

2. Make 3 Posts so you can see our wrapper section

3. Find a wrapper for a game you own (or acquire)

4. Install the game in either Windows or by using the installer inside the either CXZ or Wineskin wrapper

5. Right click on the wrapper and go to Show Packaged Contents and go into the “usually” Contents/Resources/c_drive folder (if not there will probably be instructions) and drop your game folder in the appropriate folder.

6. click the app and play

If you have any questions leave a comment here or hit me up on the porting team my name is dafootballer.

You’ll be hearing from me more on other news from Apple, and the scene soon on this site.

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