It’s 2010, AT&T where’s iPhone Tethering?

As we wrap up the last few days of 2009, there is one thing that AT&T forgot to follow through on – iPhone Tethering. If you remember at the 2009 WWDC, iPhone MMS and Tethering were coming right at the launch of 3.0, but for us lucky AT&T customers, we had to wait until the last week of September. I would guess that AT&T believes that we might forgotten about Tethering, but I know I haven’t. I have used the iPhone native tethering and it works great. Yes, there are other solutions¬†through¬†applications from jailbreaking, but nothing is better than a native solution. So AT&T, where is iPhone tethering?!

By Andrew

Senior Editor of the Real Mac, San Jose, CA.

2 replies on “It’s 2010, AT&T where’s iPhone Tethering?”

I use the pdanet and it works just fine right now. I heard that they do support tethering on other phones but it costs money… And i mean a good amount of money

Yes that’s true, applications such as PDAnet and an MiFi work on the iPhone, but they have to be jailbroken iPhones, but not everyone wants or can (If they have the new iBoot) jailbreak.

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