Take Your Web App Relationship to the Next Level

Gmail, Springpad, and always occupy a tab on my browser, and I think we all know we’re doing more than just ‘browsing’.  These sites fall under the category of web apps, which is the trend on the net these days, as web developers take the attractiveness and usability they’ve unleashed in their iPad apps and adapt them to their desktop domains. Treating these as websites rather than standalone apps is a pain. This is where Fluid comes in to make the transformation from site to app.

A standard browser is not optimal for these apps when you’re constantly using them. They take up browser space, don’t stay loaded when closed, and don’t appear in your dock. Fluid is not the first site specific browser (SSB), (Mozilla’s Prism has been around for a while) but it is the only one designed specifically for OS X.

Simply launch the app and give it the URL and a name for each app you want. The web page is saved in your Applications folder, and treated like any standard app- ready to bounce in your dock, open at login, and take your relationship beyond the ‘browsing’ level.

Fluid has the standard browser features with tabs and the like, but options to change the theme to ‘chromeless’ (hiding the browser bars all together) turns your web app into a true application. You can lock an app to the desktop, change transparency, and there are tons of plug-in options as well.

Fluid uses the sites Favicon by default, which is pretty worthless as its insanely blown-up and pixilated, but you can choose a custom option, and their library of icons online even enables notification badges for sites like Facebook and Gmail.

The ability to set default window sizes and automatically find high-res default icons would be nice touches, and I’m not positive exactly what value plug-ins could add, but it’s really hard to find complaints for Fluid. The simple SSB provides easy and uncluttered access to your constantly used websites (apps).

Check Fluid out here — and as always, if you have any alternatives, share the knowledge in the comments.


Black Friday- Apple Style

Apple Black Friday Sale

Looking for great deals on Apple products this friday? Head to the Apple Online Store for Apple’s annual Black Friday Sale!

You can save $101 dollars on iMacs, MacBooks, MacBook Pro’s, and MacBook Air’s, as well as $41 on iPads and iPod Touches. You also can save on accessories for the iPad, and there are many huge savings from brands other than Apple. Apple is pushing the iPad before the Holiday season in attempt to boost sales and beat the growing competition, and you can get the best prices on iPads and iPad accessories because of this.

Go to to see the list of all the deals on the Apple Store.

Also, if you are shopping online or even going to stores to find the best Black Friday deals, make sure you have your iPhone handy with these great Black Friday Apps. First, The Dealmap is a great app for Black Friday that finds deals in your location and brings up Google Maps with directions to the stores offering discounts and information on the discounts. This free app works year-round, and is very helpful if you’re planning to go to multiple stores searching for deals today. Want to make sure you have the best deal for a specific item? Use Shop Savvy, a free app that, when you take a picture of the barcode of a product, gives you the best deals for that product and shows you which stores around you have that item in stock. The Black Friday App allows you to browse Black Friday ads from many different stores and retailers, as well as create a Black Friday shopping list. This app can be helpful in solving arguments with salesmen about incorrect pricing, as well as creating a list of the best deals on products you want.

Average Joe's Tips

How to: Customize Icons in Mac OS X for Free

One thing that I always liked to do was customize my computer icons so that they would look cool and stands out from the crowd. For that same reason I want to show you two different ways to customize your icons. The first way that to customize your icons are by just going to the apple website and downloading icons or by downloading apps.

I would recommend this way of customizing your icons for people who have a lot of time or really want personalized apps. First access the Apple Download’s page and then look through the list of icons, screensavers, and ect but when you look through the list make sure what you select is an icon download and not a screensaver or something else. You can even do this with your own pictures by opening them in preview and cropping the part that you want and clicking “Command + C. After you download the file open it up and you will notice that they are just thumbnails. What you need to do is select one of the thumbnails and click “Command + C”. From that point go to the app(s) that you want to customize in finder, select it, and press “Command + I”. Then on the top left of the new screen that popped up should be the icon and select the icon and click “Command + V”. After that the thumbnail that you copied should have replaced the old icon.

For those of you people who don’t want to waste to much time replacing every app you can just download and app. Some of my favorite two of my favorite apps that I use for downloading is “Candy Bar” and for my dock “Dock Library”. For “Candy Bar” you can either put “Change all icons” or you can select certain icons that you want you customize. Now  “Dock Library” is a little more confusing because you have to go to different websites like Lepoard Docks and download the a few neat custom docks. What “Dock Library” is for is to actually convert your dock. The way to do that is after you download the custom dock that you want you go into “Dock Library” and import them by clicking the “Import” sign on the top. The Dock should appear below and from there you select the dock on the bottom that you want and click activate.

Overall, no matter what tool you use, make sure your dock bounces off the wall!

What do you think? Leave a comment with a link to a picture of your dock? Who’s is the coolest?