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Review: BusyCal

Everyone today has such a busy calendar that they need to organize everything in one spot, but can be checked in other spots. On BusyCal, you can sync your calendars to your Google Calendar, which is similar how iCal can publish it’s calendar through email, MobileMe, or to a private server. BusyCal is very similar to iCal and when it is first glanced at can easily be mistaken as iCal. It does have its benefits though, although it does have its cons as well. Let’s take a look!


– Weather- It has a symbol for each day of the week to show what the forecast will be

– Sync capability

– Listing- allows all of your events to be shown in a list, which I like a little bit more than a month, day, or week view


– Too similar to iCal

– Very few places you can sync your calendar to

So, as you can see from above, I enjoyed it a little, but it is too similar to iCal. You can spend the $49 to get it, but I don’t think it is worth it when you can have pretty much the same application that comes for free on your Mac.

Do you have BusyCal, if so what do you think?