iPod Nano 5th Gen. “The Does-Everything iPod”

The iPod Nano 5th Generation is simply breathtaking, inside and out.  With the latest model of the iPod nano family, Apple has incorporated many features consumers have been suggesting and discussing since the original iPod.  The highlights of the latest and thinnest from Apple include the built in radio with live pause, pedometer, and the fantastic video camera.  First, Apple has done it again giving the option between 9 vivid eye-catching colors, each painted onto a new type of aluminum that is glossy and lightweight.  Not to mention that my new nano fits into a credit card slot in my wallet it is so thin!  Also, the screen was made even larger making your video-viewing and gaming experiences even better.

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Jailbreaking…Good or Bad?

As you may have heard, people who have purchased an iPhone or an iPod Touch of any generation are able to “Jailbreak” the system. But what exactly is “Jailbreaking?”  iPhones and iPod Touches are capable of lots of customization, but Apple put a restriction on them to make them uniform. “Jailbreaking” is simply breaking that restriction with the help of certain software.
a. themes
b. more room for apps

-Applications Apple rejects: Google Voice
-System wide configurations

-Viruses can be easily caught by downloading cracked apps
-Can’t turn off iTouch/iPhone without having to restore it when you turn it on again (Tether Jailbreaks).
a. leads to always having on which leads to battery problems.

So, is it worth risking your $199-$399 Apple hand-held glory just for customization and app access?

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