How To: Change Your IP Address on the iPhone

Changing the IP Address on an iPhone is an old school way to fix networking problems.

(Note that this tip will only work depending on the configuration of DHCP setup of the wireless router)

  1. Go into your iPhone’s Settings and select “Wi-Fi”
  2. Enable your Wi-Fi and make sure it connects to your router
  3. After your Wi-Fi has connected select “Wi-Fi” again and press the blue arrow next to your Wi-Fi network
  4. Under “IP Address” should be “DHCP” and this should already be selected
  5. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and select “Renew Lease”
  6. A new sub-screen will pop-up on the bottom and select “Renew Lease” again

Another way to manually change your IP Address:

  1. Go back to where “DHCP” is selected, but this time select “Static”
  2. Typically an IP address starts with 192.168.1.XXX. In the X you are able to choose any number between 2 to 200 (Unless you have multiple devices connected. Say, you have ten devices connected, you will have to give the X area of the IP address a number between 2 to 11 because you have ten different devices and the router counts as the first device; therefore you will have eleven devices)
  3. To fill in the rest of the information under “IP Address” just go back to the DHCP screen and fill in the same Subnet Mask, Router, and DNS that appears
  4. Then go back to the main page and the manual IP address should automatically save.

Hope this helped! Feel free to ask questions if you are having troubles.

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