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Silicon Valley is notorious for its rising tech companies. In fact, this tech “boom,” if you will, is similar to the Gold Rush of the 1840s. People from around the country and even the world rushing to this beautiful place in search of a prosperous future. Alongside the Gold Rush grew dozens of companies that catered to Forty-niners such as Levi Strauss & Co. For those who do not know, Levi Strauss was a manufacturer of jeans that were durable and comfortable for the hard-working gold miners, and he benefitted complementary to the Gold Rush itself. Today, the brand Levi’s is instantly recognizable to all Americans and even people from other countries, and it is one of the most profitable jeans-manufacturers in the world. (They even have their own football stadium for, you guessed it, the San Francisco 49ers!)

Similarly, WaterField Designs takes the approach of catering to the seemingly endless amounts of tech companies and employees in Silicon Valley. WaterField Designs brings a unique and durable style to the table as they offer bags, cases, sleeves, and more for all the software engineers in this booming area. Seeking to test their high-quality products, I tried out their simple, yet impressive, Suede Jacket for iPhone 7.

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I expected to simply receive the product like a normal company, test it out for a week or two, and then write a review. What I got instead was something much more personal.

Immediately after ordering my product, which was a very simple process, I received an email with simple logistics from any high-caliber company such as costs, tracking, and even a little thank you note from the CEO.

But it did not end there. The next day, I received an email again thanking me for purchasing the product, and also asking me how I found out about the company. Initially, I figured it was just some corporate scam to get me to keep buying, and, yet, I received a personalized response from one of the employees after I replied.

Upon receiving the product, it came with a few things including this notecard explaining the background of the company. The company reflects American capitalism at its best, a small, rapidly rising company that stimulates a certain branch of the economy with a fair and personal workshop. It prides itself on its American-made products and celebrates its customers.

Now, onto the actual product:

The Suede Jacket was a new concept for me. I had always had a hard case on my phone and was looking to switch things up. The material used was incredibly soft yet durable and was obviously made personally. I expected the case to have structural flaws due its individualism, and yet it was flawlessly manufactured. Slipping my phone in and out was incredibly simple and effortless, another thing I expected to be difficult. The case is protective and good-looking; after using it for just my first week my friends started looking at phone sleeves online. This case will also fit the iPhone 6/6Plus and the iPhone 6s/6sPlus.

The only difficult thing regarding the case was getting things in and out of the pocket, but this process was still quick.  Another perhaps frustrating thing is not being able to see your notifications as they pop up when your phone is sitting on the table, but this can also be seen as an advantage as it will force you to get your work done and not focus on your phone.



  • Cheap while durable
  • Easy to slip phone in and out
  • High quality material personally made
  • Supporting American companies that maintain fair and personal workshops
  • Beautiful design to show off to your friends



  • Risk of mistakes in manufacturing
    • In this unlikely case, you would simply return it and the company would send you another
  • Cannot see notifications when phone is in case
  • Difficult to fish things out of pocket



I highly recommend ditching your current phone case (or if you are really paranoid then they offer one that will also fit your hard case) and going for this phone sleeve. It is a unique twist that features high quality materials at a low price while maintaining a sense of intimacy and is supportive of a domestic economy. There are so few flaws in the product that it is a no-brainer.


Check it out at:

Suede Jacket for iPhone 7 ($12.00 or $17.00 with pocket)

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