How To: Set Up Your Wireless Network

Many people do not know how to set up a wireless network and might pay someone to do it for them. But thanks to Apple, setting up a wireless network is simpler then ever. To view the video of how to set up a wireless network click here. But to view the instructions in a written format see down below.


-Wifi Enabled Computer

-Apple Airport Base Station: Airport Express, Airport Extreme, or Time Capsule (which also has a hard drive to wirelessly back up your data)

-High Speed Internet Service


1-Set Up your Apple Base Station

2-If Aiport Utility is not already on your computer under Applications > Utility, then download it with the CD provided when purchasing an Apple Airport Base Station.

3-After that Launch the Application

4-The application will locate your new Apple Airport Base Station

5-Select the Base Station on the left and then click continue on the bottom right

6-On the next screen you will name your Base Station and give it a password, then click continue

7-After that select the top option of creating a new wireless network and continue

8-Then name your wireless network and add a password

9-In the next screen you are able to make a guest network by checking the enable box, giving the guest network a name, and a password. This also helps so your guests do not access private network and information.

10-Then use the default box selected for the how to connect to the internet page and  continue

11-Finally, confirm settings and update to apply your settings

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