Targus 14″ Proxy Sleeve

If you are looking for an alternative to the Incase Neoprene Sleeve, the Targus Proxy Sleeve is just as good. In fact if you do not like the simplicity of Incase’s design the Targus Proxy Sleeve will be perfect. The Proxy Sleeve has two pockets in the front: a zippered one and a small one (made for iPods or Phones). The other nice thing about the Proxy Sleeve is that it has a handle, so you don’t have to carry it like a book. Before I go into more depth, let me give you the specs:

The Breakdown:

-Brand: Targus

-Name: 14” Proxy Sleeve

-Price:  $34.99 USD

– Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

-Color: Black

-Intended for: Laptops with 14” Screens

-Materials: Ariaprene (Toxic Free Material)

-Size (Exterior): 9.97”H x 14.88”L x 1.50”W


Point-Scaled Grading

For reviewal of all products by The Real Mac Genius.com, a point-scale grading system is used to cover each individual aspect of the product. Said grades on varying scales are then weighed to determine a final score, which is then translated to an overall grade, as follows:

Style: 1-25 Given: 24
Price: 1-15 Given: 12
Quality materials: 1-15 Given: 14
Brand name: 1-10 Given: 7
Modern technologies: 1-15 Given: 15
Compatibility: 1-15 Given: 14
Ease of use: 1-5 Given: 5

OVERALL: 91/100 A-
For further explanation, continue reading.


Continued Evaluation:

I have had the Incase Neoprene Sleeve for a few years now and I have noticed that the inside lining of it has started to rip from the neoprene. Compared the Proxy Sleeve seems to be much more durable. But even so the Proxy Sleeve still has an Achilles heel, which is the outside edging of the sleeve. The material on the outside edge feels cheap, but you should not worry because it actually helps make the case stiffer and thicker on the outside incase you drop your computer on the side (not saying that it will totally save your computer, but it will do more then the Incase Sleeve.) Final Thoughts: The Targus Proxy Sleeve is a great alternative to the Incase Neoprene Sleeve because of the few more features it has and the fact that it is less expensive. (Also if you did not realize this sleeve was made was made for a PC).


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